Yaga is now on Square Enix Collective

You can check out our submission here, which includes a trailer and tons of new information. We’re excited to hear your opinion about the game, so feel free to cast your vote or to leave comments and feedback.

For those who don’t know what Square Enix Collective is: it’s a platform that allows indie devs to gather feedback, build communities, test out the waters for crowd-funding campaigns and various other things. More info can be found on their About Us page.

Make them more Slavic!

A while ago we created a few peasants to populate the villages and work the fields in Yaga. We thought they looked pretty good and fit the Eastern European theme.


However, some of our fellow gamedevs from Western Europe and US who were seeing the game for the first time and who were not familiar with the peasants from our part of the World, said that it looks too much like “standard Tolkien fantasy”, or too “western, celtic, etc”. Only when faced with a new perspective did we realize that, indeed, the peasants may not look “Slavic” enough. Even if they matched real life, we probably needed to push more in the direction of the idealized Slavic peasant: one that flaunts more colourful clothes (that are usually reserved for special occasions and festivities) and a more vibrant attitude!

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