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Monster Therapy

A Stealth Infused Deckbuilder where you play as a supernatural monster dealing with mental health issues. Sneak around with supernatural powers & set up killing combos to eliminate targets while keeping your anxiety in check.


  • Play as one of The Seven Monsters, learn to navigate each character's psychological issues and take advantage of each of their monstrous powers.
  • Combine stealth, brutal attacks, victim manipulation and other tactics to find powerful synergies that can boost your Monster's Abilities!
  • Use the levels to your advantage & build an increasingly more powerful deck of tricks and skills.
  • Unlock new cards & characters - grow stronger as a group by learning new skills and sharing them among Monsters based on mutual approval.
  • Immerse yourself in crowded locales rich with targets & tasty humans: country fairs, drive-in cinemas, movie sets and many others.
  • Overcome traumas the Monsters are suffering from and help them purge the world of its true evils!

Each Monster is Unique. Just like everyone else.

Join a cast of characters as they struggle with relationships and mental stress, while doing their best job at their assignments. Whether you're playing as Radiation Rhonda, Hungover Mummy, Swampy Sally or any of the other Monsters, you must learn to navigate each character's psychological issues and take advantage of each of their particular powers.

Learn from other's mistakes. Because their advice is useless.

Being part of a support group means listening to each other, understanding each other's issues, being supportive, and of course giving lots of valuable advice. As the bonds between monsters strengthen based on mutual approval, monsters will teach each other, share knowledge and techniques, and find new ways to fail disastrously. Together!

Kill them softly. Or roughly. Whatever works, just kill them!

Mix and match each Monster's specific gruesome abilities with synergistic card combos to create baddie-killing styles unique to each playthrough. Whether you opt for stealth, manipulation, delivering powerful blows or using the level to your advantage, the most important ingredient is your imagination!

The only goal is ending up with a level strewn with the lifeless forms of malevolent minions and their sinister overlords. The methods are up to you!

Keep your Anxieties in check!

It's not always easy being a supernatural monstruous killing machine working for the shady black ops [REDACTED] Institute!
With great powers come crippling anxieties! Which means you'll have to be smart, sneaky and crafty. Going in claws-blazing can lead your monster to a Panic Attack, so make sure to keep your Monster's trauma in check.

Travel Around

From the muddy streets of a country fair, through the dark corners of a drive-in cinema, to the busy set of romantic movies, immerse yourself in crowded locales rich with humans, shadows and accidents waiting to happen. Each area is waiting for you to explore its beauties, uncover its secrets, and paint it red with the blood of your enemies.

movie set
drive in cinema
drive in cinema