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Monster Therapy

Monster Therapy is a stealth-action game where a group of anxious monsters must overcome mental struggles while spreading fear and eliminating monstrous humans. Sneak around, use monstrous powers, set up traps to eliminate targets while keeping your anxiety in check. The way you deal with each target will influence the relationships with other monsters and help you gain their support and their knowledge.


  • Play as one of seven monsters, learn to navigate each character's psychological issues and take advantage of each of their monstrous powers.
  • Each victim can be approached with your own play style. You can freely combine stealth, brutal attacks, traps or hugs, as long as the targets end up in a bloodpool.
  • Grow stronger as a group by learning new skills and sharing them among monsters based on mutual approval.
  • Evade and escape the monster-hunting mob formed by heroes and enraged humans!
  • Immerse yourself in crowded locales rich with targets, tasty humans, shadows and accidents waiting to happen: country fairs, drive-in cinemas, movie sets and many others.

Each Monster is Unique. Just like everyone else.

Join a cast of characters as they struggle with relationships and mental stress, while doing their best job at their assignments. Whether you're playing as Radiation Rhonda, Hungover Mummy, Swampy Sally or any of the other monsters, you must learn to navigate each character's psychological issues and take advantage of each of their particular powers.

Learn from other's mistakes. Because their advice is useless.

Being part of a support group means listening to each other, understanding each other's issues, being supportive, and of course giving lots of valuable advice. As the bonds between monsters strengthen based on mutual approval, monsters will teach each other, share knowledge and techniques, and find new ways to fail disastrously. Together!

Kill them softly. Or roughly. Whatever works, just kill them!

Each victim can be approached with your own play style. Use stealth and terror, like an alien crawling through vents. Overpower your victims through raw strength and deadly attacks, like a brutal killing machine. Use traps, lure your victims and improvise ways to eliminate them like a deranged mastermind. Wholesomely murder your victim by hugging them to death. Any combination works, as long as you don't fail your mission again.

Don't let the Mob catch you!

Even humans can strike back. As you go about your job killing targets and leaving around acceptable casualties, make sure you don't get seen or heard. Scared and panicked bystanders alert others, gather in groups, find shelter. Each scared human is potentially a hero that might rise up, take up arms, and start organizing a Mob with the sole purpose of hunting. Hunting you!

Travel Around

From the muddy streets of a country fair, through the dark corners of a drive-in cinema, to the busy set of romantic movies, immerse yourself in crowded locales rich with humans, shadows and accidents waiting to happen. Each area is waiting for you to explore its beauties, uncover its secrets, and paint it red with the blood of your enemies.

movie set
drive in cinema
drive in cinema