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Breadcrumbs Interactive

We love combining dark humour, quirky characters and charming art to create worlds that you can get lost in.

Meet the Team

A group filled with questionable humour, frequent typos and unrequited love of various art forms. Exclusions may apply.

The one to blame for nightmares and scary flashbacks.

Twitter profile Alexandru Munteanu
Characters & Environment Art, Illustrations

The one to blame for bad puns and lack of balancing

Bogan Tanasoiu
Game Design, Code, Writing

The one to blame for questionable mechanics, postponed releases and bad rhymes.

Twitter profile Catalin Zima-Zegreanu
Anxious Leader, Game Design, Writing

The one to blame for glitchy animations and flashy eye sores

Glitch The Comic Flaviu Haitonic
Art, Animations, Visual Effects

The one to blame for lewd jokes and questionable fixes.

Flaviu Vescan
Game Design, Writing, Code

The one to blame for unresponsive interfaces and weird gameplay glitches.

Horatiu Istrate
Gameplay & UI Programming

The one to blame for hidden exploits and bugs.

Geanina Todea
Quality Assurance

Friends & Partners

Collaborated with them, drank with them, sometimes argued with them, but generally worked well together



Voice Casting And Recording
Kittehface Software


Game Porting
Pixel Noise

Pixel Noise

Game Audio and Sound Design
Versus Evil

Versus Evil

Video Games Publisher

Subcarpati & Argatu'

Awesome Music

Former Breadcrumbs Members

No longer part of the team, but we'll always keep their annoying critique in our heart, their faulty code in our repositories and their unsolved bug reports in our database.

The other one to blame for a database full of bug reports.

Ines Martins

The one to blame for bad performance, crashes and glitches.

Razvan Zapca