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The Art of Yaga

This page contains art we created while working on Yaga. Experiments, explorations, concept art, character art, environment, there's a little bit of everything in here.

Creating Yaga's Visuals

The aesthetics of a game is something we’ve focused on since the beginning. Actually, before there was any code written, we had concept art and started exploring the art direction. The guiding principle when we started to define the style was something that looks hand-drawn and would fit in a story-book.

The art style of the game is a mix of details and motifs from Russian storybook illustrations and traditional clothing and rural art from the countryside of several Eastern European countries. We took inspiration from the charming illustrations of Ivan Bilibin and Nikolai Kocerghin, as well as details from traditional art, decorations and garments from our own rural past. Our artists started by gathering lots of references, but then took the liberty of bringing their own ideas and of experimenting with them.