Enter the folktale!

Yaga is an action RPG with light rogue-like elements about a one-handed blacksmith sent on impossible quests by an envious king. Enter the gloomy world of Eastern European folklore and mythology, rich with deadly creatures, charming characters and lots of secrets!

Ivan - Crossroad Boarders - Breadcrumbs Interactive

On your road to finding the golden stag, you reach a crossroads. Do you go to the swamps and risk facing a Rusalka, or should you try to get some rest in that hut? Wait, why does the hut stand on a giant chicken leg?

  • Undertake an impossible journey to appease an envious king
  • Fateful Crossroads allow you to alter your path: a quick but difficult shortcut or a long treasure-filled road? The creepy swamp or the whaleback village?
  • Inspired by folklore: A world brimming with pagan beliefs, superstitions, unholy creatures and household spirits, pulled from the rich mythologies and folktales of Eastern Europe.
  • Build a reputation! How you act can result in cheerful smiles or chilling curses, a raised glass or an incoming shovel. Will you kill the fallen serpent for loot or spare it for the promise of help? Clean that old well or just smash it to pieces?
  • Forge and upgrade a large arsenal of weapons and tools in your blacksmith’s workshop.
  • Explore and discover a world of folktales that changes with each retelling of the tale.

Yaga - Ivan in combat - Breadcrumbs Interactive