Welcome to Yaga

Hi there!

We are Breadcrumbs, a new game development studio from Romania, and we’re ready to talk about our first game, Yaga.

Yaga is an action RPG allowing you to play your own east European folktales. We set out to make a roguelite game for people that love stories: a game that combines the replayability and variety of a roguelite with the narrative beats of a classic story.
We don’t want to just let you play a predefined narrative, but also allow your choices to shape how the story will evolve. You get to decide where the story goes, how important are the characters you meet, who is an ally or an enemy; and the game will throw a few plot twists your way. All this in the funny, quirky and sometimes gloomy world of eastern Europe folklore and mythology, rich with deadly creatures, charming characters, and lots of secrets.

Welcome to Yaga - Ivan - Breadcrumbs Interactive

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